Why Psychometric Test Evaluation

 Note: (Teacher Aptitude Test)

  1. Applicant, who clears second round of Zeal Recruitment Process, must appear for ‘Teacher Aptitude Test’ and submit full Test report with payment receipt to the HR Department before next round.

What is the ‘Teacher Aptitude Test’ and why it requires?

 Teacher Aptitude Test (Queendom):

Although data from the National Center for Education Statistics (2015) indicates that dropout rates have decreased since 1990, trying to get students to want to stay in Institute is still a challenge – ‘a challenge that teachers may be able to help parents and administrators to overcome’. Those with the right skills, personality, and aptitude for teaching can make a significant different in a student’s life. Teachers have the power to inspire greatness. They help create a passion for learning, provide students with knowledge and skills that will pave their path to success, and help them realize their true potential. As the old saying goes, “With the student is ready, the teacher will appear,” and the right teacher can turn around even the most difficult students. The most influential and effective teachers tend to be those who have a passion for teaching. They are dedicated, dependable, and resilient. It’s the teacher who finds unique and interesting ways to illustrate a challenging topic, who spends weekends correcting, and who is willing to put in extra time with a student to help him or her succeed. The goal of this test is to determine whether you currently possess the necessary skills and traits to pursue a career in teaching. If you did not perform well on some of the scales assessed do not be discouraged. The mark of a good leader and educator is a willingness to strive toward self-improvement, even while helping others learn and grow. For helpful tips to improve your aptitude for this field, refer to the Advice section.